Security Solutions

FogSecure Security Solution is readily customised for different use and purpose. We have tailored our software and electronics to meet specific security problems faced by Nigerian businesses and homes.

ATM ATM Security

Our ATM Solution offers a complete solution for protecting ATMs against all known forms of physical attacks and vandalism. Using the most reliable sensors in the world, our solution provides real-time reporting via email, SMS and voice call.

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Banking Banking Hall & Vault

FogSecure protects staff and customers in a banking hall when a robbery attack is eminent or in progress, ensuring that threat to staff and customers is eliminated instantly

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Home Residential

Robbery attack at home can be traumatic, FogSecure provides security for your home when other defenses have been broken. Instantly protecting your family and assets from intruders during the day and at night.

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Shop Retail & Shop

Attacks on retailers and shops often leads to great losses to businesses, either from shop closures or the actual cost of robbery. FogSecure provides 2-4-7 security for shops during the day or at night

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Office Offices

FogSecure can be deployed to protect offices, it can be integrated with existing alarm systems such as Passive Infrared (PIR) detectors to enable automatic activation when an intruder is detected in the office

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Oil and Gas Oil and Gas

Our Oil and Gas Solution can be deployed to protect against onshore/offshore kidnapping threats, hijacking and other security threats faced by the industry. It can also be deployed in fire simulation training

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