Retail Security Solution

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FogSecure is configurable to meet the security needs of Nigerian retailers and stores. The remote activation key makes it easy for the staff at retail stores to discretely activate the security system when armed robbers or intruders attack. It is highly effective, reliable and will instantly rise to the task of protecting lives and assets.

FogSecure is also effective against burglary or out-of-office robbery, when no one is at the store. We are able to integrate motion detectors to detect intruders and trigger the alarm system independently. No matter how large your retail operations are, FogSecure Security Solutions will be able to provide credible security all year round.It has an inbuilt self-diagnostic system alerting you of internal issues and it is designed to have fewer moving parts, making it a durable security product.


  • Real time notification of an attack via SMS, Email and Voice Call
  • Not harmful to the environment, food, texture or funitures
  • Leaves no residue on surfaces

Even better, engineer call out is not required after each activation of the FogSecure system. Each FogSecure cylinder has about 3 to 25 activations, depending on the size of the room, saving costs on engineer call out.

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