FogSecure™ Oil & Gas Security Solution

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FogSecure Security Solution for the Oil and Gas industry is designed to protect the downstream and upstream sector against security threats. Ensuring that security of lives and installations are secured round-the-clock against threats such as kidnapping, vandalisation and robbery.

Criminals hate the fact can not steal what they cannot see, neither can they kidnap a staff when the whole oil rig or petrol station is covered in ultra-dense smoke.

Our solution is suitable for threats faced by downstream and upstream sectors of the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry.


Oil & gas companies in Nigeria face a growing threat to lives and installations. Our solution is a strong deterrence and protection against kidnapping, theft etc. providing security in remote locations. When the traditional security measures are breached, FogSecure and our security accesories rises to the task protecting lives and providing notification to security agencies anywhere in the world.

Offshore locations/installations can also be protected, ensuring that lives/properties are protected until the arrival of security agencies for further investigation. Giving the intruder no time to perpetuate their crime


The downstream sector of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry can now reliably protect their properties such as; petrol stations, oil installations, warehouses etc against armed robbery, burglary and vandalisation. FogSecure's reporting mechanism ensures that security can be monitored remotely and responded to rapidly.

Deployment Benefits

  • Protection against Kidnapping
  • Pirate attack protection
  • Fire training
  • Vandalism prevention
  • Attack notification and reporting system
  • 5 year Solution guarantee

To discuss our Oil and Gas Solution or for an on-site demonstration of our Security Solution, please contact us here