Home Security Solution



Robbery at home is a distresful experience, mainly due to the presence of our loved once. FogSecure protects against robbery attack on homes. Our solution delivers thick fog at unprecedented speed to provide the very highest levels of protection against the losses, property damage, trauma and disruption associated with the thefts from residential property.

There are several reasons why the police response time to crime in Nigeria can sometimes be delayed. FogSecure gives you that security, cheating the intruder the opportunity to gain access to your property and family. FogSecure is easily configured to protect homes against robbery, it has a 3hour standby battery life, giving your family extra security period incase of power failure. By installing FogSecure as your security system, you will be in control of deterring robbery attacks, protecting your valuables, yourself and family against intruder and robbery attacks:

Key Features

  • Reduce the damage and loss of assets and valuables
  • Non-toxic smoke (with mint flavour), safe for you family to breath in
  • Instant security, within few seconds of activation
  • Tamper proof and long standby batttery life

After each activation, engineer call out is not required saving you money. Each FogSecure cylinder has about 3 to 25 activations, depending on the size of the room, saving costs on engineer call out and maintenance.

Remember armed robbers do not inform you before they attack, with FogSecure you are actively protected all year round. To discuss our Home Security Solution or for an on-site demonstration of FogSecure Residential Solution, please contact us here