Bank Security Solution

Banking Hall


The Banking Hall is a key part of a bank that needs protecting. In most cases when intruders overpower the Bank's primary defences - i.e security guards, security doors etc, their next target is the bank staff in the banking hall. This is a traumatic and life threatning experience for any staff and customers in the banking hall.


We discretely install our FogSecure Units in the banking hall and equip key staff with our remote key fob. When the bank staff detects a robbery attempt they press the remote key fob which activates FogSecure, generating a thick dense smoke which covers the banking hall with 5 seconds. Upon activation we notify relevant contacts for instance Bank Headquaters,police, security agencies by email, SMS and voice call.

About the Solution

FogSecure is the most effective and independent anti-robbery & burglary security system and the only one of its kind in the Nigerian market today. Our banking solution was developed to independently protect banks without endangering the lives of customers, staff and manned guards. Among our team is an experienced Nigerian banker with over 15 years banking experience. During the design of our banking solution, we took into account details of real-life bank robberies and account of victims of bank robbery, which helped us develop a strong and credible solution.

Key Features

  • Robbery Protection: FogSecure is very effective during day-time or out-of-office robbery. The criminal is restricted access to the assets so typically there is no loss or the loss is minimal
  • Staff Empowerment: Bank staff are usually the first target for intruders, FogSecure empowers bank staff with an element of control, an otherwise control-less and frightening experience can be avoided and the trauma from the aftermath of a successful robbery is minimised
  • Remote Monitoring: FogSecure can be configured to be remotely monitored by the bank from anywhere, either by a third party or in their control room
  • Bank Vault Security: Our customised electronics and software is able to detect forced entry into bank vaults, triggering a more heavy fog with a mixture of tear gas or pepper gas.
  • Realtime Notification: In the event of robbery we will be able to notify the bank staff, police station/security agency to go and investigate the incident. However, if the bank has private security arrangement, Bludel will be able to send an SOS request to the designated contact for proper investigation when an alarm has been raised.
  • Restrict Physical Contact: FogSecure reduces the ability of the raiders/armed robbers to see your staff and customers, thus minimising threat, trauma and sometimes loss of life that can occur from such events

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