FogSecure™ BanditForce



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FogSecure is an anti-robbery and burglary security package designed especially to meet the security challenges faced by businesses and homes . Its prime objective is to discourage robbery in places where it is installed, and to protect lives and investments in the event of robbery/burglary.

FogSecure™ BanditForce uses a proven and patented technology to generate a thick dense of smoke in less than 5 seconds**. Covering the whole business premises in thick smoke which reduces visibility instantly thereby restricting access to vital properties and reducing contact between the armed robber/intruder and your staff and customers.

BanditForce Features

FogSecure BanditForce, is the most advanced and reliable fogging system in the world. BanditForce is designed to be reliable, its internal electronics reports on the health of the system enabling quick diagnosis.

  • FogSecure ejects 28 cubic metres of fog per second
  • One unit can protect areas ranging from 50 to 500 cubic metres
  • 24/7 self-diagnostics instantly reports stats changes to the alarm panel
  • Eye to object visibility is drastically reduced to less than 25 cm, i.e. it has a 25cm vision impairment capability.
  • Fog is completely harmless and safe to use in any environment. It leaves no residue on documents, papers or your furniture.
  • Integrated siren, programmable for a range of sound outputs


FogSecure can be triggered independently or by an existing alarm system. The most popular activation mode is by the use of our remote control fob . Other options includes the use of static Panic Alarm (PA) units installed discretely at an accessible location.

  • Sensor Activation: FogSecure's board allows for extensive integration with various alarm systems including PIR, Seismic sensors etc
  • Key Fob Activation: Our programmed keyfob allows for activation of the system wirelessly. The keyfob is highly secure and can be configured for up to 64 users
  • Remote Activation: You can remotely activate the system from anywhere using our Phone Apps, Software and our Remote Management Systme

Fog Speed

BanditForce is the fastest security fogging system on the market.

  • Protects an entire room in just a few seconds
  • Delivers 28 cubic metres of fog per second
  • Projects the fog 6 metres in the first 2 seconds alone
  • Reaction time just 0.1 of a second to deliver fog at full power instantly!
  • One unit can protect areas ranging from 50 to 500 cubic metres.
  • Intruders are rapidly stopped from entering a premises and targeting assets

Fog Density

BanditForce is the fastest and highest density security fogging system on the market.

  • Eye to object visibility is less than 30 cm
  • Fog is completely harmless and safe to use in any environment
  • The density of the fog ensures that what can’t be seen can’t be stolen