The hermetically sealed HY-3 High Pressure Cylinder Pack is the storage containing the fluid necessary to produce the fog. The fluid level can be monitored via our software and the status display panel

In radical situations, the fluid could also be mixed with pepper gas or tear gas, however the standard ejected fog has a taste of mint.

  • » FogSecure ejects 28 cubic metres of fog per second
  • » One unit can protect areas ranging from 50 to 500 cubic metres
  • » Fluid quality does not degrade with time
  • » Provides up to 25 activations
  • » Posseses 200 psi smoke fog ejection pressure
  • » Fluid can be refilled

Home Remote Key Fob

The Remote Control Fob is a vital add-on to FogSecure system, highly secured with 16,000,000 code-hopping technology. It enables the client to remotely and securely activate the FogSecure system. This is important during robbery or when a staff feels threatened by an intruder or armed robber.

The portable nature of the fob makes it easy for staff to carry around and up to 64 Fobs can be configured for a FogSecure unit

  • » Just 2 operating buttons for easy use
  • » Flexible programmable control configuration
  • » Up to 64 keys can be used
  • » Highly secured with 16,000,000 code-hopping technology
  • » Keys pressed are logged

Floor mount Floor Mount

For a number of reasons, it may be necessary or preferred for the BANDIT fog generator to be mounted at floor level. In which case, this Floor Mount Bracket provides the solution to securely mount the unit on the floor:

  • » Secured to the floor, to prevent removal
  • » Secure permanent fixing of FogSecure
  • » Allows for vertical alignment adjustment

Swivel mount Wall Mount

Among the numerous FogSecure mounting bracket range, this is the most flexible, allowing ultimate flexibility of installation:

  • » Secure permanent fixing of FogSecure
  • » Allows for precise targeting of ejected fog for optimum effect