About FogSecure™

FogSecure™ Security Solution was developed by Bludel Technologies Limited, a Nigerian Company with Research and Development Centre in Cambridge, England to provide solutions to number of security challenges Nigerians and their businesses faces

Developed after two year in active Research and Development, it has come to be the most diverse and robust security solution in the market.

About Bludel Technologies

Bludel Technologies Limited with RC:1017912 was formed in 2011 to provide cutting edge technologies and solutions to Nigerian businesses and individuals. We offer broad security and technology services & solutions, our services includes; security solutions development, software development, building automation systems, hardware design and many more.

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FogSecure uses BANDIT Fogging System for smoke generation. Bandit Fogging Systems were first designed & developed by the Belgium based manufacturer, Bandit n.v./s.a., in 1992.

BANDIT™ is the fastest and highest density security fogging system of its kind in the world!. BANDIT is the FIRST and ONLY Security Fogging System in Europe to have been independently tested and verified to comply with EN50131-8 regulations as first implemented by CENELEC (European Committee Electro-technical Standardisation) in April 2010 to supersede BS 7939 (1999).

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Our Certifications
  • Institute of Public Analyst of Nigeria (IPAN) VIEW»
  • BANDIT Complies with European CE and EMC Standards.
  • Belgian Ministry of Health Fog/Gas Endorsement VIEW»
  • BANDIT Complies with EN50131-8
  • BANDIT Complies with the Dutch Standard of the NCP: IWS11201-M and REQ 0248.