FogSecure™ ATM Security Solution

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ATMs are increasingly becoming the targets of intruders and armed robbers in Nigeria. The most serious attacks on ATM operators are the ram raids where the ATM is pulled out with bulldozers, tractors etc or simply blown out with explosives. This form of robbery is relatively fast to accomplish hence, sometimes raising little alarm when the robbers are in operation.

FogSecure™ ATM Security makes it extremely difficult for intruders to successfully rob an ATM. FogSecure™ ATM Security is designed to detect diverse intrusion attempts and react immediately to mitigate the robbery attempts. Our security system is divided into two major segments, Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Deterrence.

Intrusion Detection

Our ATM Solution works with Seismic/Vibration sensors to detect all known forms of physical attacks on an ATM including attacks from:

  • - Sledgehammers or explosives
  • - Heavy strokes
  • - Repeated knocks from hammers and chisels
  • - Drilling, mechanical cutting, acetylene torches, thermal cutting, water-cooled diamond drills, water jet cutting tools, hydraulic jacks

Intrusion Deterrence

Upon detection of an intrusion, FogSecure™ delivers ultra-dense fog at unprecedented speed to provide the very highest levels of protection against the losses, property damage, and disruption associated with the attacking an ATM.

For offsite locations, the fog can be made more aggressive by mixing it with tear or pepper gas. Our web based FogSecure RMS allows for remote management of ATM sites any where in Nigeria

Features of FogSecure™ ATM Security

  • Real time notification of an attack via SMS, Email and Voice Call
  • No additional network/power supply required, rides on existing infrastructure
  • Uses 60watts of power, adding little load on inverters
  • Robust sceismic sensor to detect all known physical attack
  • Remotely manage and configure security system using web based FogSecure RMS
  • Discrete installation
  • Protects ATM in remote sites and requires no maintenance after each activation
  • Remote system configuration and diagnosis
  • Tamper proof and standby batttery life
  • Option to mix the fog with tear/pepper gas

To discuss our ATM Solution or for an on-site demonstration of FogSecure ATM Security Solution, please contact us here