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Can't be seen, Can't be Stolen

From the first two seconds of activation, FogSecure™'s dense fog is projected 6 metres to protect property and lives. Leaving the intruder incapable of achieving their goal


ATM Security

FogSecure™ ATM Security Solution uses an advanced vibration sensor to detect all known forms of physical attacks on ATM(s), upon detection BANDIT fog is ejected at immense speed to protect the ATM(s)


Real-time Monitoring

When an attack or tampering is detected, or a system fault or maintenance alert occurs, the relevant contacts are notified by various channels including Text, Email and through our mobile apps


Fog Security for Businesses and Homes

FogSecure™ is the proven defence in deterring and foiling daylight robberies and burglaries on businesses and homes. Once activated, FogSecure™ creates a rapidly moving curtain of dense fog to obscure assets and lives while pushing intruders out of the area. Also, threat to lives is instantly removed as eye contact with intruders is broken and potential damage to valuables is minimised.

We have solutions and accessories to actively protect banks , homes, oil and gas industry and the retail industry. More importantly our solution can be tailored to meet whatever security requirements you might have.

FogSecure delivers harmless, ultra dense fog at unprecedented speed to provide the very highest levels of protection against the losses and property damage associated with robberies and burglary. Once traditional security defences are breached FogSecure rapidly releases its plume of dense visually impenetrable fog to inhibit the intruder from entering your business premises and from stealing your valuable assets and endangering lives.


ATM ATM Security

FogSecure ATM Solution offers a complete solution for protecting ATMs against all known forms of physical attacks and vandalism. Find Out More »

Banking Banking Hall and Vault

FogSecure protects staff and customers in a banking hall when a robbery attack is eminent or in progress. Find Out More »

Home Residential

Robbery attack at home can be traumatic, FogSecure provides security for your home when other defences have been broken. Find Out More »

Shop Retail & Shop

Attacks on retailers and shops often leads to great losses to businesses, either from shop closures or the actual cost of robbery. Find Out More »